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TIM Baler

This license will enable Tractor Implement Management functionality on your ISOBUS baler when working with a certified TIM-compatible tractor.

excl. VAT
Must be a sequence of 8 to 10 digits
Begins with ZP

TIM Baler license can be used on your ISOBUS TechnoPack equipped round baler, with the latest setup and software version. It optimizes the baling cycle and maximizes the efficiency while improving driver’s experience and comfort during long days of baling.

License functionalities:

• Tractor speed management during binding and bale ejection
• Automatic opening and closing of the tailgate for bale ejection
• Control over bale ejection – slopes detected for maximum safety
• Self-adjusting Power Take-Off and rpm for fuel saving and optimization
• Control over auxiliary hydraulic valves
•Single input remains on driver’s side over the full bale formation cycle

Extra functionality on TechnoPack equipped balers:

• Humidity control – tracking of moisture level of the crop being baled
• Display of average moisture content of the previously formed bale
• The tractor takes over majority of driver’s tasks during the baling cycle
• Bale ejection control allows for safer and more comfortable operation

The level of automation that can be achieved by the system depends on the capabilities of the TIM tractor the baler is connected. Due to different tractor models and brand, the operations may vary. TIM Baler is achieves maximum optimization with Kubota TIM compatible tractors.

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