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This license can be used on your Kverneland Group ISOBUS seed drill or precision drill.

excl. VAT
Must be a sequence of 8 to 10 digits
Begins with AC, RS, WK6PD, WK6SC, WK6SD or 1AZ

SEEDERcontrol is another step towards profitable seeding. The license takes control over the on/off mode on the headlands. It prevents overlaps and helps you save on seed supply.

License functionalities:

• Variable Rate control
• All actions carried out in the field turned into data report
• Optimum utilization of growing space – reduction of seed application and loss in yield
• Efficient exploitation of available nutrients
• Efficient mechanical weed control due to precise spacing between the plants

To enjoy full operation with the ISOBUS Terminal you will also need the ISOBUS Terminal license and GPS (RTK) connection. Accurate seeding within an inch requires GEOSEED® with additional hardware components to achieve seeding in parallel or diamond pattern.

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