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This license can be used on your Kverneland Group ISOBUS sprayer with iXspray software.

excl. VAT
Must be a sequence of 8 to 10 digits
Begins with VN or XRT

SpotSpray activates functionality that automatically opens and closes the sections based on the requested application value (threshold value) and prescription maps.

For standard zonal application section (5 to 11), 7, 9, 11, 13 or 15 sections can be used in combination with iXflow-Air or 24 sections with iXflow-E. In case the rate value in prescription map is lower than the set threshold value, the section will close to save the spray liquid and open again when the rate is higher than the threshold value.

License functionalities:

• Variable Rate based on MULTIRATE principle
• Precision – applying the desired rate in the right place
• Increased capacity – spray more hectares or fields with one tank filled
• Prescription map – estimate how much product you need for spaying
• Individual weed spots attacked and treated with localized doze of herbicide
• Reduction of crop stress in non-sprayed areas

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