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This license can be used on your Kverneland Group ISOBUS Sprayer with the latest setup and software version.

excl. VAT
Must be a sequence of 8 to 10 digits
Begins with VN or XRTSP

SPRAYERcontrol is the additional license that activates the software module in your intelligent sprayer in order to maximize control over your field. Combined with the ISOBUS Terminal and GPS/RTK, it allows you to operate precisely and efficiently. Now you can save on spray liquid because your machine will know exactly when and where to stop and resume spraying.

License functionalities:

• Automatic switch on/off on the headlands or within the field boundaries
• No unnecessary overlaps
• Various spray nozzle sections activated depending on the position of your machine
Up to 10% of used chemicals saved (depending on field size and shape) when combined with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL
• Location-specific registration
• Location-specific application and export of sprayer data

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