Welcome to Terrako!
Continuing the success of the IsoMatch Shop and the Kubota PF Shop, Terrako is the official place to buy your licenses for Precision Farming.
Everything you need to keep your machine running.
Terrako was created for you to order products and services for your machine in an easy and effective way in one place, saving you time.
Terrako is a specialized digital marketplace for your machine and workshop, offering you direct access to order selected parts, products, and services 24/7 to keep your machine and business running.
Terrako partners with key players in the industry, such as Kubota and Kverneland Group, and an extensive network of premium dealers to ensure you get quality service.
What does Terrako stand for?
The name Terrako comes from Terra for earth and Ko for community.
Everything starts from the earth. Our logo showcases just that - a wheel print in the soil, representing growth, movement and the earth.
We work with you, the hardworking women and men who depend on your machines to get your work done to build and grow. Our offering focuses on providing you Genuine Parts and Precision Farming licenses for Kubota and Kverneland machines connected to the earth for you to be able to continue your work comfortably and efficiently.
It takes a community to get the work done.
Just like you rely on your community, Terrako works with a network of partners, suppliers, and dealers to offer you the best products and service through Terrako. As our community grows, we will offer more products and services in the Terrako marketplace.
Together we can build something great.