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IsoMatch GEO-VR

This license upgrades your IsoMatch Tellus GO and Tellus GO+ terminal. It enables the Variable Rate functionality when working with ISOBUS-compatible implements.

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Realizing the full potential of farming is the key to growing and developing your business. IsoMatch GEO-VR combined with a GPS receiver give you full control over your operation and resources.

Variable Rate (VR)

No field is the same or perfectly even. The Variable Rate helps you automatically adjust the rate of seeds, fertilizer and chemicals based on Variable Rate maps. Work more efficiently while VR:

• Forwards place specific rate from task to machine
• Records applied rate from machine to task

Enjoy additional features:

Documentation: save all your job data, field maps and implement combination to upload them to farm management information system like IsoMatch FarmCentre
Manual guidance: pre-recorded guidance lines suggest driving direction in the field and on the headlands
Smart field boundary recording: independent from your working width, even without an implement connected
Boundary shrinking: create inner boundaries by setting your desired width of the headland
Multiple Guidance Lines: add a maximum of 20 guidance lines per field

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