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Kubota TIM

This license enables the implement to take over the certain Kubota M7003 KVT tractor functions.

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TIM (Tractor Implement Management ) is a cross-product and cross manufacturer ISOBUS solution for the agricultural machinery industry, whereby the implement is able to control certain tractor functions.
The key to this new technology is using the advantages of the overall system, consisting for example of tractor and implement.
This TIM automation will bring the tractor and the implement in a semi-autonomous combination. This will increase the driver comfort, bring better efficiency and safety with an ease of use technology.

The benefits
TIM optimises the quality and efficiency of the overall “tractor and implement” system.
TIM increases operator comfort: automatic sequences replace manual operation and prevent excessive demands on the work process.
The implement “knows” the process to be carried out (e.g. straw baling or slurry spreading) and its sequence: sensors control the process while the tractor provides the power.

Kubota TIM M7003 KVT
Functions that can be controlled by the implement
- PTO – rear (RPM speed and command)
- Travel speed (direction, speed setpoint values)
- Selective control devices (flow and status command)
- * 3-point linkage – rear (position command)
- * 3-point linkage – front (position command)
- * Front PTO (RPM speed and command)
* these additional TIM functions will be available in the near future

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